Watch Barbie Or Oppenheimer First Quiz

Margot Robbie suggested watching Barbie straight into Oppenheimer, then a \"Barbie chaser,\" for the perfect \"Barbenheimer\" weekend.

    First, choose a movie theater snack:


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    Getty Images


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    Pretzel bites

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    Choose a theme for a party you’d gladly attend:

    ’70s disco

    Famous horror characters

    Old Hollywood

    2000s pop icons

    Ugly Christmas sweaters

    Dress as a famous Chris

    Okay, pick a song that won Best Original Song at the Oscars:

    ‘Over the Rainbow’ from _The Wizard of Oz_

    ‘Chim Chim Cher-ee’ from _Mary Poppins_

    ‘(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life’ from _Dirty Dancing_

    ‘Beauty and the Beast’ from _Beauty and the Beast_

    ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from _Titanic_

    ‘Shallow’ from _A Star Is Born_

    What is your ideal seat selection in a movie theater?

    Front row and center


    Back row and center


    Middle row and center


    Front row on an aisle


    Back row on an aisle


    One seat in from an aisle


    Pick a movie directed by, written by, and/or starring Greta Gerwig:

    _Lady Bird_


    _Little Women_

    Sony Pictures Releasing

    _Frances Ha_

    IFC Films

    _No Strings Attached_

    Paramount Pictures

    _20th Century Women_


    _White Noise_


    Pick a movie directed and written by Christopher Nolan:


    Summit Entertainment

    _Batman Begins_

    Warner Bros.

    _The Dark Knight_

    Warner Bros.


    Warner Bros.


    Warner Bros.


    Warner Bros.

    Choose a fictional character who is definitely buying a ticket for _Barbie_:

    Phil from _Modern Family_


    Kate from _Bridgerton_


    Will from _Stranger Things_


    Peter from _Spider-Man_

    Sony / Marvel

    Lorelai from _Gilmore Girls_

    Warner Bros.

    Jamie from _Ted Lasso_

    Apple TV+

    Now pick a fictional character who is definitely buying a ticket for _Oppenheimer_:

    Cristina from _Grey’s Anatomy_


    Bill from _The Last of Us_


    Wednesday from _Wednesday_


    Gamora from _Guardians of the Galaxy_


    Homelander from _The Boys_

    Prime Video

    April from _Parks and Rec_


    And finally, pick a pair of movies that premiered on the same day like ‘Barbenheimer’:

    _The Matrix_ and _10 Things I Hate About You_

    _Mamma Mia_ and _The Dark Knight_

    _Ghostbusters_ and _Gremlins_

    _Blade Runner_ and _The Thing_

    _Toy Story_ and _Casino_

    _Elf_ and _Love Actually_

    _Barbie_, directed by Greta Gerwig

    For the „Barbenheimer” double feature, we recommend that you see _Barbie_ first. You want to start your day off with the magical _Barbie_ world — which will probably make you cry a little because, let’s face it, it is a Greta Gerwig movie — before you jump into the more serious tone of _Oppenheimer_. Heck, you might even do _Barbie_, _Oppenheimer_, then _Barbie_ again, like Margot Robbie suggests.

    _Oppenheimer_, directed by Christopher Nolan

    For the „Barbenheimer” double feature, we recommend that you see _Oppenheimer_ first. You want to start your day with a thrilling epic that only Christopher Nolan can pull off. You know this one needs to be seen on the big screen, and you can’t wait to experience it. Like Issa Rae, you think _Oppenheimer_ into _Barbie_ is the PERFECT order.