Were You The Rich Friend Growing Up? Checklist Quiz

BRB, grabbing a Voss out of the second fridge in my garage.

    Check off everything that applies to your childhood:

    Your parents always bought the newest phone for you

    Had a walk-in pantry

    Had a kitchen island

    Your family had more than two cars

    Went to private school

    Went on shopping trips for clothes more than once a month

    Had more than had more than 2 TVs

    Had Disney and HBO at the same time

    Went on vacation outside of your country at least once a year (pre -covid)

    Had a pool

    Had a cleaning lady at your house

    Owned a lot of brand name clothes

    Have gone to more than 3 concerts in your life

    Owned real diamond jewelry

    Your family bought you a car

    Owned more than 4 animals at once (real pets like cats, dogs, etc)

    You owned more than 3 purebred dogs at once

    Owned clothes made of real animal fur

    Owned a brand new Mac

    Ate at a restaurant at least 2x a week

    Your parents own a cabin

    Your parents own a vacation house

    Had expensive paintings in your home

    Had more than one fridge

    Never had to worry about getting food on the table

    Never had to cancel going out with friends because you couldn’t afford it

    Only shopped at thrift shops because it was a trend, not because you had to

    Never received ‘hand me down’ clothes

    Never had to worry about medication or going to the doctor

    Had a ‘gaming room’

    Never had to worry about paying for a ticket

    Visited spas

    Always had money for lunch

    Lost money but didn’t care that much about it

    Owned stock

    Been worried about the rich getting taxed more

    Related to the main character of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

    Made fun of people who don’t make ‘enough’ money

    Had a private chef

    Drank Voss, Fiji, Evian water regularly

    Have had imported food from another country

    Know the difference between champagne and sparkling wine

    Had a garage

    Had a boat

    Had a yacht

    When you can’t decide what to buy, you would buy both

    Owned more than two pairs of perscription glasses

    Used fancy nail polish like Essie

    Had a collection of EOS and Burt’s Bees lip balms

    Had a ‘movie room’

    Had a paid tutor

    Had a babysitter at least once a week

    Never bought drugstore makeup

    Had many pairs of sneakers and/or high heels

    Made fun of others for having off-brand clothes

    Owned more than 3 pieces of real gold jewelry

    Had an air hockey table in the recreation room

    Had a trampoline

    Your parents’ car had a TV in it

    Had a stocked fridge full of fancy sodas in glass bottles

    You # out of #
    I # out of #

    Humble beginnings

    You may have grown up without much, but your upbringing taught you many important life skills that will lead you to more fulfillment and inner happiness.

    Not the rich friend!

    You grew up with everything you could’ve needed, and while you did have friends who had all of these things, you never really thought about it much.

    You were the rich friend. Like RICH rich.

    Everyone always wanted to come over because you had all the premium channels and TIVO and all that. You were popular because you had one of those monogrammed designer bags. Since then, you’ve had to really wise up as to who your real friends are and sometimes go through very lonely phases as a result.